Energy Healing Therapy
Healing The Body, Mind and Spirit
Jacqui Geary, DM, CET

 Healing and Energy Therapy encourages the body to draw upon its natural healing ability by balancing the flow of energy, clearing blockages and detoxifying itself. It helps to initiate the healing system to start to correct itself, to function properly.


Energy healing ignites the life energy that lies dormant within each of us and calls upon our own energy system, to remember and wake up the natural ability that our bodies have for healing, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  


Energy Healing can be beneficial for many health conditions including:


                       Allergies                                                        Fatigue

                       Anxiety                                                          Fears and Phobias

                       ADHD                                                             Fibromyalgia

                       Addictions                                                    Headaches/Migraines

                       Arthritis                                                         Hormonal Problems

                       Asthma                                                           Insomnia

                       Autism                                                            Injuries

                       Back Pain                                                       Mental Disorders

                       Cancer                                                            MS

                       Chronic Pain                                                Muscle/ Leg Cramps 

                       Chrohn's Disease                                        Sprains

                       Depression                                                    Sinus Problems

                       Diabetes                                                         Stress Related Conditions

                       Digestive Problems                                   Tendonitis

                       Emotional Problems                                Ulcers

                                                                                                 Weight Management  

                                                              And Many More                                                  


               It is believed there is no condition that cannot be helped by energy.



"Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well".  ~Marcus Valerius Martial   
"He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything".  ~Arabian Proverb





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